wwe superstar rey mysterio tattoos


rey mysterio

wwe superstar rey mysterio is one of the famous wwe celebrity .he is a mexican and small in height with 5 ft 6 inches, but no can stop him from his wiining attitude.
WWE superstar Rey Mysterio is crazy about tattoos.He said: “I’m running out of space on my body.”.he says that i ‘d like to get more but I haven’t figured out where I’ll put them or what I want to get.”he is having a number of tattoos on his body parts.Rey body from chest to toes.He always covered his face from MASK in wwe arena.This high flying superstar is most famous for the masks that he wears at all World Wrestling Entertainment shows. Not too long ago, Eminem was spotted walking around New York City with a Rey Mysterio mask.


rey mysterio

rey ‘ve got a Kanji symbol on his shoulder. it’s for my son and means ‘strength and power.’ son and daughter’s names, Dominik and Aalyah, written on the inside of the left and right biceps, too,”.


rey mysterio tattoos

“MEXICAN” tattoo is made upon his stomach.According to rey “That was the worst pain I’ve felt when it came to tattoos,” he admitted. “But that is to show my pride, my culture and it’s very important to me. That’s who I am.”


a prayer is tattooed on rey mysterio on his left rib area in other language which when translate to english that mean is :

rey mysterio tattoos

“Jesus Christ, you accompany me every day. I ask you to bless me and protect me every time I land on the mat because my life is always on the line. Never leave me alone. Protect me and be with me always. Amen.”

rey mysterio tattoo

On his left forearm, Rey has a gothic cross with a tombstone in the center with the initials ‘E’ and ‘G’ for his friend, the late Eddie Guerrero”

619 tattoo of rey mysterio

tattoos on his arm include a tribal sun, his official mask, 619 on his lower left arm, the years 1995 & 1976 and an Aztec cross on his right forearm.

He had wings tattooed on his chest!

wings tattoo of rey mysterio