wwe superstar CM Punk Tattoos

Cm Punk world wrestling entertainment superstar showing his tattoo and is famous for his tattoos .He is also called a straight edge superstar and he also said that he did not drink at all.

cm punk tattoos

CM punk the famous wwe superstar ,.His real name is Philip Jack Brooks,better known by his ring name CM Punk ,he is an American Professional wrestler.He is born on 26 october 1978.he is from chicago.
he is ahving a numerous of tattoos on his body .some of them become symbol associates with punk.

1:Pepsi Globe :

pepsi globe tattoo of cm punk

cm punk having a pepsi globe tattoo on his left shoulder ,the luck is for losers, sleeve tattoo on his left arm.a pepsi globe on his left shoulder that inspired the name of two of his signature moves .
he made this tattoo as a joke ,as many members in his school were getting beer logo tattoos on thier bodies ,punk decided to recieve a pepsi tattoo to emphasize his straight edge beliefs. it meaning also shows that punk loves pepsi.

2.Straight Edge :

wwe superstar cm punk tattoos

the straight edge tattoo on his stomatch .
the word straight edge on his stomatch ,it has reffers to it has his identity .this is the one of oldest tattoo of punk.

3.Luck is for losers:

wwe superstar cm punk tattoos

a sleeve tattoo on his left arm that read “luck is for losers”.and including a numbers of features of good luck symbols,including a rabbit ‘s foot,four leaf clover and a horsehoe.


cm punk tattoos

a tattoo on his back on his left hand read “No gimmicks needed”,this is the tribute to deceased wrestler chris candido.

5.Playing cards:

cm punk tattoos

a tattoo also featured four ace playing cards ,this tribute to his trainer ace steel,who trained cm punk for the best.

6.Cobra :

cm punk

a tattoo on his left shoulder of the cobra command logo,G.I.Joe’s enemy .

a tattoo on his right forearm ,showing up another G.I.Joe themed ,having a snake eyes and storm shadows have on their body part.

7. rose:

cm punk tattoos

a tattoo of rose on his left wrist.

8.drug free:

cm punk tattoos

a tattoo across his knuckles with the words “drugs Free”.where drug places on his right and free places on his left .

9. number 31:

wwe superstar

a tattoo on his left ear having the number 31 with three stars surrounding.

10.tattoo on chest :

cm punk tattoos

a tattoo on his chest ,the design is unknown but having a skull and a snake.

a tattoo on his chest .having the design of new defunct rock band ,rocket from the crypt.

a tattoo of thr Gill man from the creatures from the Black lagoon on his left bicep(inside).

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