Victoria Beckham’s tattoos

Victoria Caroline Beckham was born April 17, 1974.Victoria beckham is famous all over the world fashion designer, businesswoman and former singer and dancer, model, author,. Victoria Beckham, perhaps best known for being Posh Spice, of the Spice Girls group.Former Spice girl and the hot style icon, Posh aka Victoria Beckham having many tattoos on her body .she covers a part of her body with small tattoos.

Victoria has five bright shining stars on her lower back which represent her, David and their three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

second she having a Hebrew tattoo of a quote from the Song of Solomon 6:3 “I am my love’s and my love is mine, who browses among the lilies.” which runs from the neck down her back.

third one is the date “May 8th 1997″, in roman numerals tattooed on her wrist, and is said to be the date her and husband David Beckham first made love with one another.

Just near that tattoo, there appears an another tattooin the phrase “De Integra, De Enegra or De Intopa”.

Here iss the tattoo images of victoria beckham ::

1.Hebrew text spine tattoo

victoria beckham's tattoos

Showing off her cool Hebrew script tattoo on back neck along a vertical line over spinal cord.

victoria beckham's tattoos

Victoria having these line of Hebrew scripture inked onto her skin: “Ani ledodi vedodi li haro’eh ba’shoshanim.”The verse, from the Hebrew poem Shir Ha’shirim, or in English, Song of Songs, means “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine, who grazes among lilies.” Beckham’s Jewish-inspired body art

2.Right hand wrist tattoo with Roman numerals VIII-V-MMVI

victoria beckham 's right hand tattoo

this tattoo is Expressing her pride and contentment on completing 10 years of her marriage with David Beckham.

3.Left hand Hebrew text wrist tattoo

victoria beckham's tattoos

victoria 's tattoos

Victoria endorsing brands and flashing style with her cool David Beckham tattoo.

4‘DB’ left hand wrist tattoo

victoria beckham's left hand tattoo

5.5 stars back tattoo

victoria beckham's star tattoo

Victoria Beckham inks beautiful black shooting stars.ths represents her three childrens and david and victoria ,together.

Victoria Beckham having many tattoo designs , In which many of tattoos having a big significance to her, and many tattoos are relating to her husband david beckham and her family.One of the most famous tattoo of her is Hebrew text spine tattoo which she had done on her 6th wedding anniversary – it reads: “I am my love’s and my love is mine, who browses among the lilies.” By far her strangest tattoo is her Roman numeral wrist tattoo which reads “VIII-V-MMVI” – it translates to May 8, 1997, the first time Victoria and husband David slept together!