Tattoos are harmfull for skin or not

Today ‘s People get tattoos on their body parts for that cause they can look for something new and adventurous in their life, and they think a tattoo will bring that for them .
People get tattoos on their boddies ,to looking cool and enhance the personality .But some times its not going as well as we think .there may be some irregularity when getting a tattoo on skin.But we cant say that to getting a tattoo ,& more tattoos on body is harmful to the skin,but there also a rumors that it can harm skin sometimes ,but the safety of a tattoo is dependent on the desicion of tattoo artist about decided by the pigments in the ink, injecting needles and type of nature of the skin.
First we have to think about the “Tattoo Ink “.That You have to be sure that the ink is safe and the pigments included in them are harmless.Then,there are many news heard about the infections caused due to the unsterilised needles,Neddles take imporatant part in getting a design ,so u need to take care of that too.Atlast,comes the nature of your need to find out if you are allergic to the ink or you have other skin problems and all.Otherwise,its safe to have tattoos on.

How Tattoo Works on body ..
tattooing health risks

As you can see needle of the tattoo machine pinch into the skin ,a tattoo machine pinch into skin at least minimum no. of 60 times in a second

it is also consider that Before getting a tattoo, the tattoo artist must wash his hands and check for cuts/scratches. He should have to waer a fresh gloves set and make the work area disinfected. The general method to be pursued by tattoo artist is as follows:

1. Explain the procedure of tattooing to the client.client should be aware about the proceduring is going to be use .

2. Clarify to client the process of sterilization.

3. Spray bottles to be covered with plastic bag.

The tattoo area should be shaved and disinfected with antiseptic.
Open single-service sterilized equipment in front of client.

But after getting a tattoo design on the body ,some people think that it is not perfect or it is not good ,it should be removed from their body ,so they decided to remove that tattoo from their body from laser or other many technology.laser technology is the best technology for removing a tattoo.

tattoo removel

Tattoo removed with the help of laser is gives the spot in sizes on the body which looks very yuk and odd.
tattoo removal

There is laser treatment which help a lot in removing tattoo from body.

laser treatment

In this process client and doctor should have to wear a strong sun glasses that can protect them from the higher power of emiiting light from laser tube machine.

laser treatment on tattoos

But sometimes its gives a large no of spotes on the place of tattoo ,but after a time these spots are become disssapper from body and skin become normal.
this treatment is much costly
What will it laser treatment is costly?
The cost will depend on the number of treatments required. That, in turn, depends on the size of the tattoo and its location, depth, and color. Professionally applied tattoos tend to contain more ink than amateur versions and usually require a greater number of treatments – hence, higher costs.

Will it remove my tattoo completely?
That depends on a number of factors. Tattoos that contain yellow, red, or certain green pigments can be difficult to remove. And large or particularly thick tattoos, usually applied by a professional tattoo artist, can require many treatments for successful removal.

So i think tattoos on body is not too bad as people said can’nt harm body if we choose perfect colours ink,a good tattoo artist ,and a better making processing for tattoo,.they become ugly for a time when we tries to remove them .but its for a small time.
after this tattoos are not harm our skin.