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There Are So Many Kinds of Body Arts Presents in this world,like Tattoos ,piercieng ,body modification,Mehandi designs as well .With the advancement of time, One of these is the simple act of applying mehndi and designs on the hands, feet and nails for Females.It is a kind of art that is drawn for Females and this is a temporary designs that can be move out with in 5-6 working days.

Mehandi Designs On Full Hand
mehandi designs

Mehandi design is an art that is famous among Asian girls .They are crazy about mehndi designs on their hands,arms and feet etc. Mehandi Designs Usually are made during any festivals ,in Specially Marriage ,And any Other celebrating enjoying moment of life .In India .,mehandi designs are so Popular in the days of Marriage .Marriage are incomplete without mehandi design ,both Dulha and Dulhan (husband & Wife) used to designs of mehandi on their Hands ,And foots,and on arms as well for Dulhan.

Mehandi Design
mehandi designs

A Mehandi Function is celebrates on wedding and girls are enjoy Mehandi designs.There are so many parlours where mehandi designs are made on hands ,feet and arm etc .There are so many technicians and skilled persons to made mehandi designs for ladies on hands ,feet and arms.There are countless types of designs from the completely heavy up to the forearm designs to the minimum and low patterned designs.Mehndi or Henna is used for weddings and traditional functions in South East Asia as temporary Henna tattoos and patterns.These days, women have different types of patterns to choose from based on the personalities, etc.

Mehandi Design
mehandi design

There are special beauty parlor ,Shops,workers And who ,pay home visits to the marriage houses,.That person leave a decision to you that for choosing a good perfect mehandi designs pattern.One of the most important steps in applying mehndi is to select a good pattern.There are so many special patterns are present related to mehndi designs.

mahandi design

In Indian tradition It is said that ,its a practice to have the names of the bride and groom hidden in the mehndi design on their hands .One could easily choose from the designs patterns to ensure that to get the best design.Apart from this the mehndi artist also provides post mehndi application measures so that the mehndi lasts for a long time. The designs come with a huge variety including very graceful bridal designs, royal designs, classical designs and many more.

mehandi designs

Mehandi Designs Also Having Many Categories Like :

Bridal Mehandi Design

Arabic Mehandi Design

Indian Mehandi Design

Dulhan Mehandi Designs

Simple Mehandi Design


Mehandi Designs Are Also Categorised As :

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