Jessica alba ‘s tattoos

Jessica alba ,,hot Hollywood Baby ‘s achievements in starting are Sin City and Fantastic Four made her a real Hollywood star. she made lots of interviews about her lifestyle, family and ideals. She likes answering the fan questions and one of the main questions is about Jessica Alba’s tattoos. Jessica Alba always says that her family is catholic and she promised not to make tattoos.then she request a lot for getting a tattoo on her body.Now she is having 3 – 4 tattoos on her body.
Jessica Alba having a many tattoos on her body .She is having tattoos like tattoos of flower and ladybug on the back of his neck, and a butterfly on her lower back. However, most attention tattoo of jessica is the Sanskrit symbol tattooed on his right wrist section. Jessica alba said “For me this tattoo is manifestai spiritual beauty,” study the two religions, Christianity and Buddhism.Her first tattoo is wrote some words to her right arm in sanskrit language ,Word written on wrist is “Padma” and then she seen with a huge rose tattoo .this tattoo of her seen in the set of movie A.C.O.D. .she is having a butterfly tattooos on right above her awesome butt crack.Jessica Alba also having a neck tattoo. But now she removed it. It was daisy and ladybird. Nobody knows why she has removed it .It’s believed that she wanted to change her appearance totally because when she was erasing her neck tattoo, she also changed her hairstyle and hair color to red.
here is the images of jessica albs’s tattoos.

Jessica Alba’s Wrist tattoo .

jessica alba 's tattoos

Word written on wrist is “Padma”. Padma has a special meaning on Hindu life but Alba explained it in English with the words “Lotus Forever”.She loves lotus flower and she know very well the mean of a lotus that its a symbolic meaning that beautiful body comes from beautiful soul.

Butterfly Tattoo Design on right above her awesome butt crack.

jessica alba's tattoos

jessica alba's tattoos

Jessica Alba’s Neck Tattoos

jessica alba's neck tattoo

jessica alba tattoos

it was a ladybird and a daisy.her neck tattooed represents as a ‘bonding experience’ with her mother and aunt .But she has removed this neck tattoo with laser treatment.

Rose Tattoo of Jessica Alba On her left Arm

jessica alba's tattoos

jessica alba's tattoos

Its a temporary rose tattoo which is made during the her new movie ‘A.C.O.D’ on her upper left arm