how to make a tattoo machine at home

We can make a tattoo gun at home with some simple equipments. there are some tools used to make a tattoo gun .

home made tattoo machine tools

1) scissors/knife
2) screwdriver
3) pliers

home made tattoo gun tools


1) Sticky tape
2) The ink tube from the pen
3) A pen
4) Piece of wire
5) Piece of bent metal
6) Ball pump
7) Screw
8) Needle
9) Button
10) Glue
11) Electric motor

procedure to make a tattoo machine at home.

Step One: Attaching the Coils.

Step Two: Shimming The Coils

Step Three: Attaching the Contact Post

Step Four: Tensioning The Springs

Step Five: Adjusting The Armature Bar

Step Six: Adjusting The Contact Screw

home made tattoo machine

for properly understand the procedure u can also watch this video tutorial.