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25 Fabulous Flower of Life Tattoo Designs

The flower of life is one of the most popular and unusual forms of art. It is a set of many concentric circles designed in such a way that it looks like there are many flowers within

25 Sweet Panda Tattoo Design Collection

The panda is a large bear native to western China, easily identifiable by the distinct black-and-white patterns on its body. The creature has been a symbolic animal to some Asian cultures for ages. A panda tattoo is

23 Fierce White Ink Tattoos On Black People

Tattoos are a spectacular form of body art that people around the world have been practicing for more than thousands of years. It has surpassed the restrictions of different cultures, traditions, races, gender and beliefs. There are

28 Elegant Foot Tattoos For 2013

Take a step forward and make a big difference in life. Decorate the foot the way you want to and pave the path for a fascinating way of living life the best way you can. All that

27 Exciting Devil Tattoos

The devil has been a consistently appearing context amongst humans since the advent of early civilizations. An arch rival of good and God, the devil has been portrayed as the epicenter of all evil and bad in

26 Stimulating Matching Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos define a fashion trend and they enhance the personality of an individual to a great extent. Following the ancient tradition of having tattoos to ward of all evil, the tattoo designs are those that speak a

35 Awing Neck Tattoos for Girls

The back of the neck is a popular place for girls to get tattoos. It’s not uncommon for girls to want a tattoo but not want to show it. This is why they like to get their

40 Sexy Megan Fox Tattoos

Hot Sci-Fi sensation, Megan Fox is well known for her tattoos. She sports some of the most talked about tattoos on her body. Always dressing to perfection, Megan Fox never forgets to flash her tattoos well. You

25 Exceptional Graffiti Tattoos

Graffiti is the spray art of writing, scribbling or even drawing on a canvas that can generally range from wall to skin. The art of graffiti on ski is called as the graffiti tattoo and is becoming

25 Simple Tattoos For Girls

Body painting is an evergreen art form and an ever-changing one as well. Themes change, styles change, colors change, designs change, and people’s choices change…but tattoos will sustain the test of time. Sometimes young girls like to