9 Lip Tattoo Ideas

Lip Tattoo Ideas used to be the tattoos that no one wanted, no one could imagine getting the inside of their lip tattooed! It hurts enough when you drink coffee that’s too hot, let alone the thought of the repetitive motion of a tattoo gun going over and over on your lip, but oddly enough, that is one of the easiest places to get tattooed and if you’re looking for the best way to hide your tattoo, the inside of your lip is the best option! These tattoos are only visible if you show them to someone so if you’re ever dared to get an embarrassing tattoo you’ll want to consider the placement of it being on your lip! Okay maybe that takes it too far, but it’s a secretive place to say the least!

Everyone from rockstars to the guy next door has thought about the growing trend of getting the inside their lip tattooed and the ones that have done it will tell you that it’s not that bad. While some people get an important date on the inside of their lips, others will get their home state, a religious design or even a quote. There’s so much that you can do, just like any other tattoo, but lip tattoos tend to usually be just black ink because adding colors to the inside of your mouth isn’t such a big deal since it won’t be shown off as much as say having your back or arms tattooed. If you’re brave enough to get the inside of your lip tattooed then make sure that the design will be worth that pain, that’s claimed to hardly exist. You’ll want a tattoo that means something to you and that you’d rather not display anywhere else on your body. Check out the best designs below!

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Hello Kitty Lip Tattoo Ideas for Women lip-tattoo-ideas-1

Good Lip Tattoo Ideas lip-tattoo-ideas-2

American Flag Lip Tattoo Ideas for Girls lip-tattoo-ideas-3

Eat or be Eaten Funny Lip Tattoo Ideas lip-tattoo-ideas-4

Inner Lip Tattoo Ideas for Girls lip-tattoo-ideas-5

Fuck You Lip Tattoos Ideas lip-tattoo-ideas-6

Inside Lip Tattoo Ideas lip-tattoo-ideas-7

Simple Girl Lip Print Tattoo Ideas lip-tattoo-ideas-8

Stay Lip Tattoo Idea lip-tattoo-ideas-9