48 Must See Free Tattoo Designs For 2013

Are you looking for free tattoo designs that showcase creativity and art? You can find many tattoo designs online for which you do not have to pay. Stunning tattoo designs are available for free, for the world to use and enjoy. Rich in expression and done by talented artists, free tattoos feature different themes. So, you can always find a design that suits the look you want. You can also choose free text tattoos with flowery frames or tribal design borders.

Free tattoos offer artistic ideas for both men and women. Men can choose from a variety of themes, from an ancient warrior with a spear, a monster fish, and a tribal design, to strongly shaded wings or spiderweb. For women, delicately shaded tattoos with flowers, birds, or fairies look gorgeous. Large red rose tattoos give a decorative touch to the shoulder. Stars, waves, and skulls create pretty patterns in many floral tattoos. If you love the sea, jellyfish, whales, and dolphins can make for cool tattoo designs. You can use fantasy elements to add an interesting touch to your tattoo. The sinuous curves of a Chinese dragon, make for an attractive monochromatic tattoo. Here are some tattoo design ideas.

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Sexy Free Style Sexy Free Style

A woman is inked in sensuous flowy shades, in this forearm tattoo.

Sexy Free Style

Free Flowers Tattoo Free Flowers Tattoo

Heart shaped green leaves and mauve flowers, look pretty on her upper arm.

Free Flowers Tattoo

Forearm Free Design Ideas Forearm Free Design Ideas

A stylized skull with rips is framed by red and blue flowers at the bottom.

Forearm Free Design Ideas

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Chinese Dragon Tattoo

The rich gray tones give a gorgeous look to the Chinese dragon tattoo.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Free Whale Neat Design Tattoo Free Whale Neat Design Tattoo

The cute whale features tiny triangles on its fins and tail. A smart back tattoo.

Free Whale Neat Design Tattoo

Free Styling Design Tattoo Free Styling Design Tattoo

Spiderwebs, flowers, and intricate patterns add color to the chest, arms, and head.

Free Styling Design Tattoo

Wow Women Free Tattoo Wow Women Free Tattoo

Sensuous curvy women done in delicate shades, look pretty on the arm.

Wow Women Free Tattoo

Free Fancy Tattoo Free Fancy Tattoo

Roses, shaded light red and blue, look pretty in the upper arm tattoo.

Free Fancy Tattoo

Free Life Design Free Life Design

The densely shaded dolphin in gray tones looks cool in this tattoo design.

Free Life Design

Free Love Bond Tat Free Love Bond Tat

Check out the pink ribbon bow, inked in this cute wrist tattoo design.

Free Love Bond Tat

Mother Free Bird Mother Free Bird

A feathery bird in brilliant multi-colored hues, looks stunning on the back.

Mother Free Bird

Free Arm Shades Free Arm Shades

Graceful wings and stripes pattern one arm. The other arm shows a pretty peacock and pink flowers.

Free Arm Shades

Tribal Design Arm Tribal Design Arm

The muscular forearm looks stylish with the tribal pattern tattoo.

Tribal Design Arm

Pet Design Pet Design

The realistically inked dog tattoo looks rich on the upper back.

Pet Design

Free Cute Lizard Free Cute Lizard

The waist looks sexy with the cute tiny lizard tattoo inked on one side.

Free Cute Lizard

Free Wolf Tattoo Free Wolf Tattoo

Angles and straight lines give a powerful look to the wolf, in this animal tattoo.

Free Wolf Tattoo

Free Decorations Tattoo Free Decorations Tattoo

The colorful patterns give her forearm a richly decorated look.

Free Decorations Tattoo

Arm Skull Free Tattoo Arm Skull Free Tattoo

Check out the shaded blue skull, marked with a red heart and a diamond.

Arm Skull Free Tattoo

Toucan Free Tattoo Toucan Free Tattoo

This gorgeous bird tattoo shows a toucan with a large golden beak.

Toucan Free Tattoo

Flow Free Tattoo Flow Free Tattoo

Long shaded lines and curves give a dramatic look to the back, arm, and thigh.

Flow Free Tattoo

Floral Free Blend Tattoo Floral Free Blend Tattoo

White and gray shades blend in this flowery upper back tattoo.

Floral Free Blend Tattoo

Heart Skull Wacky Tattoo Heart Skull Wacky Tattoo

This brightly colored tattoo combines a heart with a skull.

Heart Skull Wacky Tattoo

Free Poetry Tattoo Free Poetry Tattoo

The back becomes a full spread canvas for a flowers and text theme tattoo.

Free Poetry Tattoo

Free Firebird Tattoo Free Firebird Tattoo

Bright orange contrasts with gray, in this sensuous phoenix back tattoo.

Free Firebird Tattoo

Free Animals Talk Tattoo Free Animals Talk Tattoo

The bright red backdrop adds drama to this angry animals tattoo on the back.

Free Animals Talk Tattoo

Free Nightbird Tattoo Free Nightbird Tattoo

The delicately shaded brown owl looks sensuous on her upper arm.

Free Nightbird Tattoo

Free Landmark Tattoo Free Landmark Tattoo

The realistically inked scene shows the panorama of the Golden Bridge.

Free Landmark Tattoo

Thigh Thigh

This animal theme tattoo shows a tiger, shaded in blue and red.


Freely Realistic Tattoo Freely Realistic Tattoo

The butterfly tattoo with black borders and golden spots looks life like.

Freely Realistic Tattoo

Free Neptune Tattoo Free Neptune Tattoo

This realistically shaded back tattoo shows the powerful sea-god, Neptune.

Free Neptune Tattoo

Wild And Free Women Tattoo Wild And Free Women Tattoo

Pretty females in different postures, are surrounded by animal prints. A stunning full back tattoo.

Wild And Free Women Tattoo

Free Face Rose Tattoo Free Face Rose Tattoo

The delicately colored tattoo shows a face in profile, and a blue rose.

Free Face Rose Tattoo

Free Drama Tattoo Free Drama Tattoo

The powerfully dramatic tattoo shows a pair of masks, framed with text at the top.

Free Drama Tattoo

Free Thrust Tattoo Free Thrust Tattoo

An ancient armored warrior thrusts out his spear, in this back tattoo.

Free Thrust Tattoo

Free Colors Free Colors

The vibrant full-back tattoo shows a fiery lion and snake scales.

Free Colors

Rose Pink Hues Rose Pink Hues

The rich shades of pink give an elegant look to this rose tattoo.

Rose Pink Hues

Free Fox Forearm Free Fox Forearm

The text ‘Fox’ lies at the center of this monochromatic forearm tattoo.

Free Fox Forearm

Rose Design

A giant red rose blooms on her upper back, in this sensuous tattoo idea.

Rose Design

Back Rose Free Tattoo Back Rose Free Tattoo

A red rose sits at the center of her upper back, in this neat tattoo design.

Back Rose Free Tattoo

Free Marine Tattoo Free Marine Tattoo

A blue and brown shaded jellyfish makes for a cool shoulder tattoo.

Free Marine Tattoo

Free Arm Tattoos Free Arm Tattoos

Patterns are inked with spaces between them, in these arm tattoos.

Free Arm Tattoos

Big Fish Tattoo Big Fish Tattoo

A giant monster fish opens its mouth to eat a tiny fish. An awesome tattoo design.

Big Fish Tattoo

Free Shades Tattoo Free Shades Tattoo

The black and white shades add a transparent feel to the colorful fish.

Free Shades Tattoo

Headless Free Man Tattoo Headless Free Man Tattoo

A headless man reaches out for a star in either hand, in this back tattoo.

Headless Free Man Tattoo

Free Mermother Tattoo Free Mermother Tattoo

The richly imaginative tattoo shows a mermaid with her baby.

Free Mermother Tattoo

Wings Free Tattoo Wings Free Tattoo

Shaded wings cover the upper back, in this triangular pattern tattoo.

Wings Free Tattoo

Free Bear Tribal Tattoo Free Bear Tribal Tattoo

A bear is framed with bold tribal designs, in this upper chest tattoo.

Free Bear Tribal Tattoo

Free Starry Tattoo Free Starry Tattoo

A pattern of stars and shaded clouds makes up this upper arm tattoo.

Free Starry Tattoo