35 Awesome Maori Tattoo Designs

maori tattoo on arm Maori tattoo, aka Moko, is one of important representative tribal tattoos, which is a practice done by the indigenous Polynesian people in New Zealand.

Traditional moko is different from tattoo marking the skin with ink and needles, in that it is carved into the skin, leaving the skin with grooves, rather than a smooth surface. It’s a painful process while Moko is important to Maori people as persons with moko (Maori tattoo) represent they have higher social rank or status.

Today people who love Maori tattoo don’t have to experience the painful process as the indigenous Polynesian people. And it’s is also not limited to facial tattoos, but often inked on arms, shoulders. Moko can be seen as a cultural identity and is visual language that connects to old culture. Now let’s take look at the collection of 35 awesome Maori tattoo designs and let us know which one do you like in the comment.

maori tattoo

Armor of Wyrms, day 10. Tattoo of the ages

Maori tattoos for women

polynesian tattoo by pink  

polynesian ribcage

Polynesian project, chest finished  

Maori with flower

Maori leg

maori ribs tattoo

Maori Tribal  

3D Tribal  

polynesian tattoo by jinxiejin

Polynesian tattoo

Tribal and Canarian symbol tattoo  

Freehand Polynesian Tribal similar to “the Rock” Dwayne Johnson

Freehand Polynesian Tribal

Maori / Polynesian shark full sleeve 2  

maori tattoo  

Carved design

Maory polynesian sleeve

Maori tribal II

Maori piece

maori tattoo

maori tattoo

maori tattoo  

Polynesian-styled half sleeve

Final piece  

Maori tattoos lily

Maori Style Tattoo

Draven’s Tattoo II  

maori tattoo

Tribal sleeve  

maori backpiece

34 Maori Throat Tattoo On Clyde