27 Avian Bird Tattoos For 2013

The graceful forms of birds make for beautiful tattoo designs. Ever since the earliest human looked upward and saw birds flying, the desire to fly has been a part and parcel of our existence. Many people express their dreams of flying with colorful bird tattoo designs. Birds not only express the wish to fly, but also the urge for freedom beyond restrictions. The flight of birds in an open sky is a common theme of tattoos celebrating a free spirit.

Brightly colored bird tattoos celebrate the joy of life. Birds and flowers have a sweet and natural relationship, so birds are often inked in floral tattoos. A colorful hummingbird is shown hovering near a hibiscus flower, in many bird tattoo designs. The spread out wings of birds add beauty to a tattoo. Birds flying in a regular formation, are often inked in vertical design back tattoos. Many people also go for bright and hopeful tattoos showing colorful songbirds. Vibrantly hued birds on a bare wintry branch express the hope of new life. Birds also feature in powerful myths. The phoenix tattoo, for example, celebrates the theme of transformation. The bird of death, the vulture, inked alongside a skull, expresses the idea of mortality.

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Proud Fire Bird Tattoo Proud Fire Bird Tattoo

A proud phoenix with wings of fire is tattooed on the woman’s back.

Proud Fire Bird Tattoo

Patterns Of Bird Tattoo Patterns Of Bird Tattoo

The swallow motif displays a clock with Roman numerals, a red heart, and the word ‘Free’.

Patterns Of Bird Tattoo

Cute Little Owl Cute Little Owl

Curvy dancing lines have been used to ink this cute flying owl tattoo.

Cute Little Owl

Sensuous Upper Thigh Bird Tattoo Sensuous Upper Thigh Bird Tattoo

The shaded blue bird among colorful flowers looks sensuous on the upper thigh.

Sensuous Upper Thigh Bird Tattoo

Music Flow Tattoo Music Flow Tattoo

Musical notes flow through the delicately shaded bird design.

Music Flow Tattoo

Free As A Bird Tattoo Free As A Bird Tattoo

A bird in bright cyan, gold and gray shades has the text ‘Regret Nothing’ below the design. Red hues surround the bird.

Free As A Bird Tattoo

Frame With Birds Tattoo Frame With Birds Tattoo

Two symmetrically inked swallows frame the cursive font text ‘Special Needs’.

Frame With Birds Tattoo

Flowerbird Tattoo Flowerbird Tattoo

The gracefully shaded bird is patterned with flowers. A key is shown, fitting into the body of the bird.

Flowerbird Tattoo

Bird Of Death Tattoo Bird Of Death Tattoo

A densely shaded vulture sits on the skull, in this realistically shaded tattoo. The male nipple incorporated in the design, looks like a flower.

Bird Of Death Tattoo

Blue Bird Tattoo Blue Bird Tattoo

A blue swallow spreads its graceful wings, in this arm tattoo design.

Blue Bird Tattoo

About To Fly Tattoo About To Fly Tattoo

The realistically inked swallow looks ready to fly, in this arm tattoo.

About To Fly Tattoo

Dandelion Birdflow Tattoo Dandelion Birdflow Tattoo

The soft tufts of the dandelion separate and stream outward. Tiny black birds hover among the flying tufts.

Dandelion Birdflow Tattoo

Flying Bird Silhouettes Tattoo Flying Bird Silhouettes Tattoo

Tiny flying birds make interestingly shaped silhouettes, in this tattoo design.

Flying Bird Silhouettes Tattoo

Fantail Bird Tattoo Fantail Bird Tattoo

The delicately shaded bird has a tail spread out like a fan. A lovely realistic bird tattoo.

Fantail Bird Tattoo

Night Owl Tattoo Night Owl Tattoo

The realistically shaded back tattoo depicts a flying owl with intent eyes.

Night Owl Tattoo

Classic Hummingbird Tattoo Classic Hummingbird Tattoo

A colorful hummingbird comes to sip the nectar from a delicate hibiscus flower.

Classic Hummingbird Tattoo

Three Birds Fly Three Birds Fly

Three flying birds in ascending order of size make up this pretty back tattoo.

Three Birds Fly

Proud Bird Colors Proud Bird Colors

The blue and green shades look bright on the body of this proud bird. Flowers and the text ‘Berta Mojica’ frame the colorful design.

Proud Bird Colors

Line Of Birds Line Of Birds

A line of birds flying in formation is the theme of this pretty arm tattoo.

Line Of Birds

Three Black Birds Three Black Birds

The three flying birds have been shaded in solid black, in this upper back tattoo.

Three Black Birds

Stylized Black Bird Stylized Black Bird

A stylized black bird frames the bottom portion of the colorful flowers and text tattoo.

Stylized Black Bird

Royal Bird Royal Bird

This majestic bird wears a golden crown. The warm brown feathers highlighted in gold, look graceful.

Royal Bird

Colorful Splashes Hummingbird Colorful Splashes Hummingbird

Colorful splashes form the background of the humming bird tattoo.

Colorful Splashes Hummingbird

Lone Bird Lone Bird

A lone black bird with symmetrically spread wings, sits on the shoulder.

Lone Bird

Realistically Shaded Bird Realistically Shaded Bird

The swallow tattoo is realistically inked in deep gray and soft pink hues.

Realistically Shaded Bird

Three Winter Birds Three Winter Birds

The colorful outlines of the three birds add brightness to the bare branch.

Three Winter Birds

Birds Flying Back Birds Flying Back

Multiple birds fly upward in a diagonal pattern, in this rich back tattoo.

Birds Flying Back