26 Tasteful Hand Tattoo Designs

It is interesting to be able to expose our innermost emotions in a free manner. Emotions are an expression of the mind and it is very easy to express it if we know how best we can show our true selves. There are various ways one expresses emotions these days. Some do it through creative art, some through paintings while many others do it through tattoos. The tattoo designs on the body endorse our real feelings and depict a particular issue.

Hand tattoos designs are forms of expressing our innermost intentions whereby the whole world would know about it. If the right patterns are chosen you will really be able to express yourself very well. Tattoos remain in your life forever, so it is important that you know the meaning of the tattoo is conveyed very well. The personality of the person and his attitude are expressed well in the form of these tattoos. Men feel that it is very enigmatic to sport such tattoos, so of late we are seeing more and more of such tattoos. Thus, it is a great way of expressing what you desire, and showing what you wish to do, as symbolic representations only go a long way to endorse true feelings.

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Skulled Delights Skulled Delights

Enjoy the beautiful skulls that can adorn your hand and bask in the pleasures of being in great delight.

Skulled Delights

Chinese Whispers Chinese Whispers

Have a Chinese pattern on your hands and whisper your intentions to the world.

Chinese Whispers

Symbolically Yours Symbolically Yours

Express your best intentions with designed pleasures and show that you can symbolically represent your innermost ambitions.

Symbolically Yours

Joined Effect Joined Effect

Join the stars of desire together and let your life flow into a world filled with delightful pursuits.

Joined Effect

Devil Cares Devil Cares

Even the Devil cares sometimes, so wear it on your hands and let the world be a better place to live in.

Devil Cares

Expressive Hands Expressive Hands

Express your emotions through this design on your hands and show the world that you too could be caring and loving.

Expressive Hands

Floral Palms Floral Palms

Keep your palms decorated for the rest of them, who always wanted things delicate and fresh.

Floral Palms

Intricate patterns Intricate patterns

Keep these intricate patterns close to your heart and express it on the hand, so that the world would know a different you.

Intricate patterns

Star Wonder Star Wonder

Is it not a wonderful thing to have the universe on your hands, with this design representing the stars?

Star Wonder

Intentional Expressions Intentional Expressions

Express your innermost intentions well and pave the path for a great life ahead, even if you feel shy to express yourself.

Intentional Expressions

Feline Pleasures Feline Pleasures

Express your wilder side in a subtle manner, through this tattoo on your hands.


Gift Of Life Gift Of Life

Wrap up your emotions in this special gift of life and make way for the rest of the world to join in your bid to make a better world.

Gift Of Life

Bonding Naturally Bonding Naturally

Know how well animals and birds could bond naturally and show it off to the world through this tattoo.

Bonding Naturally

Framework Framework

The basic structure of our bodies is the same, so we should only alter our attitudes and thoughts to have a harmonious world.


Patterned Ecstasy Patterned Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a state of mind and when it is patterned in a particular manner, it becomes doubly ensured of perfect happiness.

Patterned Ecstasy

Initialed Decisions Initialed Decisions

Sometimes your life is decided according to the initials you possess, so why not flaunt them proudly?

Initialed Decisions

Wild Statements Wild Statements

Just be wild, wear this bold tattoo on your hands, and show it off to the world.

Wild Statements

Angelic Ivy Angelic Ivy

Possess the best features of an angel and conquer your way into people’s hearts easily and with flair.

Angelic Ivy

Clenched Intentions Clenched Intentions

Clench your intentions close to your heart and enjoy all the attention you get just because of your determination.

Clenched Intentions

Mantra Of Happiness Mantra Of Happiness

Be the mantra of your own life and sport it for the world to see. Be true to yourself and say the mantra.

Mantra Of Happiness

Lettered Impressions Lettered Impressions

Write down the letters of faith, trust and love and make your way into the world of happiness.

Lettered Impressions

The Third Eye The Third Eye

Have the third eye of wisdom and truth, share it with the world and show it with pride.

The Third Eye

Inferno Inferno

Set aflame a few hearts and make sure you are ahead of the rest in all the matters of love and truth.


Broken Fears Broken Fears

Break your attitude towards fearful intentions and express your right to be a truthful human being.

Broken Fears

The Indian Touch The Indian Touch

Pray to the Indian God Krishna and observe his policies of weaving through life in a carefree, calculated and clever way.

The Indian Touch

Implied Designs Implied Designs

Imply your thoughts to make a better world and share it with the rest of them to experience the best.

Implied Designs