26 Decorative Tattoo Ideas For Girls For 2013

Tattoos are very popular among both guys and girls. People love to wear different types of designs on their body parts. Since, it is said that boys are from Mars and girls are from Venus, there is surely going to be a good deal of difference between the tastes of the two in terms of tattoos. The girls, being soft and sweet creatures by nature, have a natural inclination towards aesthetically appealing designs. Their brains are wired to look for symmetrical styles in tattoos.

The tattoo ideas for girls center around beautiful and colorful motifs among which flowers occupy the prime place of attraction. Birds and stars are also very well-known and girls like to wear them in different designs on their different body parts. Now that we are talking about body parts, it is but natural to talk of the spots that are the favorites of girls. Sleeves, ankles, neck, foot and lower back are some such parts. Do you also belong to the ilk of tattoo loving girls? If yes, then do check out the collection of 26 pictures that we have displayed below. It will give you lot of interesting details and information on the subject.

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Lovely Angel Lovely Angel

Girls are uncertain creatures by nature and therefore, angel tattoos are a fine choice for them.

Lovely Angel

Sexy Chest Tattoo Sexy Chest Tattoo

The gypsy woman portrait on the chest of the girl looks very artful and symbolizes her brave and fearless nature.

Sexy Chest Tattoo

Cute Leg Tattoo Idea Cute Leg Tattoo Idea

The flowers, butterfly and dragonfly create a colorful and cute tattoo design on the leg of the girl.

Cute Leg Tattoo Idea

Bird & Quote Bird & Quote

The beautiful inspiring line of Emily Dickinson and the bird make for a sweet tattoo piece.

Bird & Quote

Sweet Swallows Sweet Swallows

Symbolic of hope, fertility and renewal of life, the pair of swallows look very cute as wrist tattoos.

Sweet Swallows

Cobra & Rose Cobra & Rose

The Asian girl gives vent to her beautiful feminine and wild side with the rose and cobra tattoo, sitting on the right and left sleeve respectively.

Cobra & Rose

Rosary Rosary

The dainty ankle of the girl is perfectly suited for the sweet and sacred rosary.


Intriguing Foot Tattoo Intriguing Foot Tattoo

This foot tattoo is quite unique and holds significant personal meaning for the girl.

Intriguing Foot Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo Idea Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Girls love to wear sleeve tattoos as they look cute when flaunted in a sleeveless top.

Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Stars On Back Stars On Back

The girl is a big fan of Rihanna and this starry tattoo is inspired from her idol.

Stars On Back

Lyrical Tattoo Lyrical Tattoo

The flying maple leaves and the lyrics look very romantic and act as a great inspiration for the girl.

Lyrical Tattoo

Inside Arm Tattoo Inside Arm Tattoo

The girl shows off her vibrant inside arm tattoo created with a globe, banner and flowers.

Inside Arm Tattoo

Colorful Cupcake Colorful Cupcake

The woman expresses her love for the sweet delicacy with this yummy cupcake tattoo.

Colorful Cupcake

Dandelion & Birds Dandelion & Birds

This tattoo symbolizes the spirit of ‘let go’ and also makes for an aesthetic design.

Dandelion & Birds

Wings On Ankle Wings On Ankle

The small angel wings on the ankles of the girl look very spiritual and sweet.

Wings On Ankle

Full Sleeve Tattoos Full Sleeve Tattoos

The sleeve is a favorite spot for girls when it comes to tattoos and they love to decorate it with colorful designs.

Full Sleeve Tattoos

Star Fish Star Fish

Symbol of infinite love, the star fish is an appropriate choice for girls.

Star Fish

Stars On Foot Stars On Foot

The small and big multi-colored stars gracing the foot of the girl make for a captivating tattoo design.

Stars On Foot

Colorful Collage Colorful Collage

The girl has got her whole sleeve decorated with multiple colorful motifs to create an engaging tattoo piece.

Colorful Collage

Lovely Feminine Tattoo Idea Lovely Feminine Tattoo Idea

Butterflies and flower are cute tender motifs that are perfectly suited for girls.

Lovely Feminine Tattoo Idea

Rosy Tattoo Rosy Tattoo

The sexy girl has got her hands and leg decorated with beautiful roses. The tattoo idea is very pretty and meaningful.

Rosy Tattoo

Blossoms On Arm Blossoms On Arm

Cherry blossom tree is a good choice for girls as it looks beautiful and stands for the short-lived nature of life.

Blossoms On Arm

Music Note Design Music Note Design

The treble clef music note has a fine curvilinear frame that goes great with the body parts of the girls.

Music Note Design

Goldfish Goldfish

The small and stout orange goldfish and the three hearts look very cute. The girl got it to wear as a lucky symbol.


Golden Snitch Tattoo Golden Snitch Tattoo

The girl is a big Harry Potter fan and the magical golden snitch around her wrist is an expression of love and admiration for the wizard.

Golden Snitch Tattoo

Floral Foot Tattoo Floral Foot Tattoo

Girls love flowers and for them the foot is a favorite spot for wearing the soft and fragrant entities.

Floral Foot Tattoo