26 Captivating Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs For 2013

Tattoos are a combination of artistic endeavors and personal preferences. The wearer decides where he or she wants the tattoo to be. Sometimes a person wants a tattoo on the arm, like a sleeve. A sleeve is normally created when a person tries to connect smaller tattoos in the background with a design. These days, such sleeve tattoos are gaining lot of popularity. This has given rise to the concept of half sleeve tattoos. There are innumerable varieties and designs in these kind of tattoos.

Half sleeve tattoo designs are those tattoos, which cover half portion of the arm. This is usually just above the elbow. Sometimes it is also the area below the elbow. A sleeve means anything that covers the entire arm. So, a half sleeve means that which covers a portion of the arm. These tattoos are these days, very much in vogue and provide you with sufficient reason to introduce a style quotient. Such tattoos have all kinds of designs and varieties of patterns. They have their unique design and make way for a new fashion trend to set in. Thus, half sleeve tattoos have stormed the fashion world and have set a path towards stylish success. Let us see some of the half sleeve tattoos and explore their designs.

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Legendary Tales Legendary Tales

Sometimes you can create your own legend with lot of elegance and grandeur. It is a great way of putting a tattoo.

Legendary Tales

Facial Imaginations Facial Imaginations

Have the most preferred faces on your hand and let the world sit back and relish your views.

Facial Imaginations

Musical Note Musical Note

Enjoy your music tastes with something more than the usual. It gives a sense of being in paradise.

Musical Note

Complicated Ventures Complicated Ventures

The more the lines, the more are the representations and the more the representations, the more are the fashionable designs.

Complicated Ventures

Definite Pleasures Definite Pleasures

Make your plans to enjoy life the way you wish to, thus defining the pleasures in your life.

Definite Pleasures

Determined Achievements Determined Achievements

Just like the bull is very determined to achieve what it wants, similarly be the firm one in all that you undertake.

Determined Achievements

Floral Garden Floral Garden

Enjoy the benefits of a floral garden and bask in the glory of being a beautiful paradise called earth.

Floral Garden

Crossed Wonders Crossed Wonders

Embalm the Cross on your arm and carry forward the tradition of being ready to bear the challenge given to you, in life.

Crossed Wonders

Fishy Tales Fishy Tales

Enjoy having this fish on your body and swim into the sea of life with confidence. This is good for those who want to achieve something cautiously.

Fishy Tales

Masked Marvel Masked Marvel

Be the mysterious one in life and experience the pleasures of intriguing the world with your attitude.

Masked Marvel

Mixed Ventures Mixed Ventures

Share all the common interests in one tattoo and let the rest of it fall in place on its own.

Mixed Ventures

The Enlightened One The Enlightened One

Have the Enlightened One on your arm and you are sure to forget all sorrows, worries, and tension.

The Enlightened One

The Mask The Mask

Wear a mask like tattoo and enjoy the different reactions given by the world.

The Mask

Zig Zag Expressions Zig Zag Expressions

Keep it zig zag and let the emotions flow. Sometimes it is better to sketch it than to express it.

Zig Zag Expressions

Interlocked Attempts Interlocked Attempts

This is an attempt to create the best impression on who ever sees this tattoo. Make best use of it and attract lot of appreciation.

Interlocked Attempts

Organized Ventures Organized Ventures

Organize all your intentions and design this pattern for a stable and respectable life.

Organized Ventures

Striped Creations Tiger

The tiger is perhaps one of the best creations and has many things in tow if put in the form of a design.


The Blue Wonder The Blue Wonder

This blue dragon remains a wonder for many. Have this and enthrall people with a perfect reason for entertainment.

The Blue Wonder

Mysterious Woman Mysterious Woman

Be the mystery women in people’s life and enjoy being an intriguing character for all.

Mysterious Woman

Clipped Imagination Clipped Imagination

Create this impression of a clipped world, and enjoy all the attention you get.

Clipped Imagination

Half Sleeved Wonder Half Sleeved Wonder

With a beautiful floret in the centre, make way for this new tattoo to come and make a great difference to all.

Half Sleeved Wonder

The Floret The Floret

With a beautiful floret in the centre, make way for this new tattoo to come and make a great difference to all.

The Floret

Abstract Abstract

The abstract way of presenting things is the best way you could make a difference in your look.


Organized Patterns Organized Patterns

Organize your patterns well and let the simple joy of begetting a half sleeve tattoo be all yours.

Organized Patterns

Skull N Life Skull N Life

Where you depict the skull on one side, you can see life on the other. This contrasting viewpoint is what makes us go on, in life.

Skull N Life

Calculated Impressions Calculated Impressions

Let your tattoo look as if you have embalmed it only for calculation. Surely, it would get you all that you wanted and more.

Calculated Impressions