24 Striking Gemini Tattoos For 2013

People born in June come under the sun sign, Gemini. This interesting sun sign is full of complex energies, which makes the Gemini natives exciting to be around. The Twins is the symbol that depicts this sun sign, and duality is a key feature. Intellectual and airy, the Gemini born are known for their quick wit and energy. Gemini Tattoos celebrate the duality of this sun sign.

The traditional way to depict Gemini is very simple. The symbol is similar to the Roman numeral 2. This symbol is inked in different designs to make stylish Gemini tattoos. Often, Gemini tattoo designs feature colorful backdrops such as blue clouds, symbolizing the airiness of the sign. Another way to show the dual nature of Gemini is with a pair of elements, along with the symbol. For example, a pair of butterflies are often used to depict Gemini, due to their playful and colorful spirit. A pair of snakes, coiled together and facing each other, is often interlinked with the symbol of The Twins. Gemini also brings the gift of creativity, so many tattoos express this with colorful flowers or dreamy designs with the moon and the stars. The symbol showing 2, can be inked with simple lines, lacey loops, or bold shaded three-dimensional art.

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The Twins Tattoo The Twins Tattoo

A simple pattern of four lines shows the dual natured Gemini sign, in this tiny finger tattoo.

The Twins Tattoo

Air And Arrows Gemini Air And Arrows Gemini

A pretty pattern of ornate blue clouds surrounds the Gemini sign, with an arrow piercing the design.

Air And Arrows Gemini

Butterflies Gemini Tat Butterflies Gemini Tat

A pair of butterflies on the shoulders, frames the Gemini sign in the middle, in this upper back tattoo.

Butterflies Gemini Tat

Snake Side Gemini Snake Side Gemini

One side of this stylish gray Gemini tattoo shows a snake coiling round the design.

Snake Side Gemini

I Am Gemini I Am Gemini

The pencil sketch style Gemini symbol has the name of the sun sign below, in this neck tattoo.

I Am Gemini

Leo And Gemini Leo And Gemini

In this ink design on the side of the body, Leo and Gemini symbols are inked in simple black lines.

Leo And Gemini

Snakey Gemini Tattoo Snakey Gemini Tattoo

Thick snakey patterns interlock to make up this sexually charged Gemini symbol.

Snakey Gemini Tattoo

Coiled Edges Gemini Tattoo Coiled Edges Gemini Tattoo

Bold flowy lines end with coils at the edges, in this stylish shaded Gemini tattoo.

Coiled Edges Gemini Tattoo

Two Women Tattoo Two Women Tattoo

In this stylized tattoo, two women in silhouette stand face to face, leaning away from each other.

Two Women Tattoo

Ancient Knots Gemini Ancient Knots Gemini

Celtic knots form a graceful circle around the Gemini symbol, in this lower leg tattoo.

Ancient Knots Gemini

Sexy Gemini Sexy Gemini

A red snake faces off with a green snake, in this esoteric Gemini tattoo. The combination of black, red and green looks awesome.

Sexy Gemini

Dancing Chinese Gemini Dancing Chinese Gemini

Two graceful black creatures lock heads, as they hang on with one arm, to the red Gemini symbol above.

Dancing Chinese Gemini

Dreaming Gemini Dreaming Gemini

A graceful crescent moon and starry patterns give a dreamy look to the Gemini tattoo.

Dreaming Gemini

Balanced Gemini Balanced Gemini

In this balanced Gemini design, the corners are alternately shaped as spirals and spikes.

Balanced Gemini

Fun Blue Gemini Tat Fun Blue Gemini Tat

Bordered in fine black, this is a tiny blue Gemini tattoo. The curvy lines show the fun spirit of this sun sign.

Fun Blue Gemini Tat

Stars Of Gemini Tat Stars Of Gemini Tat

A star sits on either side of this pretty Gemini symbol, fashioned in a wavy design.

Stars Of Gemini Tat

Stylish Gemini Wrist Tat Stylish Gemini Wrist Tat

Intricate spirals sit on the diagonal edges of this stylish Gemini wrist tattoo.

Stylish Gemini Wrist Tat

Gemini Purple Flower Gemini Purple Flower

A beautifully shaded purple flower blooms behind the pink Gemini symbol.

Gemini Purple Flower

Gemini Symmetry Gemini Symmetry

The four corners are all drawn with spirals, in this symmetrical Gemini tattoo on the neck.

Gemini Symmetry

Gemini Ribboning Design Gemini Ribboning Design

This graceful Gemini tattoo looks like it is fashioned out of a single ribbon.

Gemini Ribboning Design

Gemini Purely Gemini Purely

Bold black lines give a solid feel to this Gemini tattoo inked on the lower back.

Gemini Purely

Gemini Flora Tattoo Gemini Flora Tattoo

A pretty red flower is inked on either side of this Gemini tattoo, at the nape of the woman.

Gemini Flora Tattoo

Playful Lines Tattoo Playful Lines Tattoo

The play of straight lines and long curves looks graceful in this tattoo design.

Playful Lines Tattoo

Tribal Gemini Tribal Gemini

The bold black tribal motif done with curves, goes well with the Gemini symbol inked above the design.

Tribal Gemini