24 Explosive Grenade Tattoos

A grenade tattoo can be used to express various creative themes. The fact that a grenade explodes at high velocity, makes it a great subject for anti-war tattoos. The message that violence is pointless can also be expressed through grenade tattoo designs. When the grenade is inked alongside other elements, it becomes a look at a world beyond destruction. A grenade inked with the word ‘Love’, or a grenade shaped as a red heart, looks stunning in tattoo designs. Flowers can also be inked alongside grenades, in bright pro-peace tattoos.

A grenade tattoo can be done with delicate shading, giving it a realistic feel. Dense shading on the grooves and the detailing of the lines, give a three dimensional feel to grenade tattoos. Monochromatic tattoo designs can be done with simple bold lines. Red rays surrounding a sketchy grenade, give it a vibrant look. Grenades can be inked in vibrant hues like aqua, red and gold. The brain shaped like a grenade expresses the theme of a brain exploding with ideas. A grenade can also be inked alongside red flower petals to express the power of love. A rose with one side shaped like a grenade, creates a powerful anti-war tattoo design.

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Grenade Neck Tat Grenade Neck Tat

An olive green grenade is tattooed on the side of the neck. A wrapper with the word ‘Grim’ weaves through the anti-war tattoo design.

Grenade Neck Tat

Heartwings Grenade Heartwings Grenade

The grenade is in the shape of a heart with powerful wings, in this vibrant pro-peace tattoo.

Heartwings Grenade

Grenade Bow Grenade Bow

The lilac shaded grenade is complemented by a pretty ribbon bow.

Grenade Bow

Grenade Drawing Grenade Drawing

The simply inked hand tattoo shows a grenade. The alphabets inked on the fingers spell out the word, ‘Evil’.


Comic Book Grenade Comic Book Grenade

Stylized red strokes surround the grenade, in this red and black hand tattoo.

Comic Book Grenade

Flowerbed Grenade Flowerbed Grenade

The winged grenade sits on red flower petals. A vibrant tattoo expressing the power of love and hope.

Flowerbed Grenade

Shaded Grenade Shaded Grenade

The varied tones add depth and dimension to this monochromatic grenade tattoo.

Shaded Grenade

Grenade ‘N’ Rose Grenade 'N' Rose

One side of the grenade has bloomed into a lovely red rose, in this pro-peace tattoo.

Grenade ‘N’ Rose

Grenade Colors Grenade Colors

The aqua shaded grenade makes a bright combination with the magenta and golden hues.

Grenade Colors

Fire Water Grenade Fire Water Grenade

The top of the grenade has caught fire. Tiny blue water drops indicate the quenching of the flames.

Fire Water Grenade

Fist Grenade Fist Grenade

A realistically shaded grenade makes up this anti-war tattoo. A thick cloth wrapper surrounds the grenade.

Fist Grenade

Stylish Fiery Tat Stylish Fiery Tat

Bright flames in geometrical designs overlap with the grenade. A anti-war tattoo showing a popular battlefield symbol.

Stylish Fiery Tat

Grenade Explosion Grenade Explosion

Deep hued smoke surrounds the blue grenade. A tattoo design showing the pointlessness of violence.

Grenade Explosion

Hopping Grenade Hopping Grenade

The rabbit, perched on its haunches, has a grenade fitted over its body. A powerful way to show how war causes the loss of innocent lives.

Hopping Grenade

Powerful Love Powerful Love

The word ‘Love’ is written in a flowy cursive font, in this tattoo celebrating the power of love.

Powerful Love

Basic Grenade Basic Grenade

The simple grenade design with bold lines looks neat. A personal way to protest against war.

Basic Grenade

Stunning Brain Tattoo Stunning Brain Tattoo

The brain is shaped as a grenade, in this stunning tattoo. A smart way to depict a brain exploding with ideas.

Stunning Brain Tattoo

Red Rays Grenade Red Rays Grenade

The red heart with an eye complements the red rays surrounding the grenade. A powerful anti-war tattoo.

Red Rays Grenade

Graphic Grenade Graphic Grenade

The graphic design style with negative space looks powerful in this grenade tattoo.

Graphic Grenade

Smiley Grenade Smiley Grenade

This densely shaded grenade tattoo comes with a smiley key. A hopeful anti-war design.

Smiley Grenade

Sketchy Grenade Sketchy Grenade

The pencil sketch style gives a realistic look to this anti-war tattoo.

Sketchy Grenade

3D Grenade 3D Grenade

The dense shading gives a three dimensional feel to this pastel hued grenade tattoo.

3D Grenade

Green Monster Grenade Tat Green Monster Grenade Tat

The belly of this huge green monster is shaped like a grenade. A brilliant design to show the monstrous nature of violence.

Green Monster Grenade Tat

Grenade Heart Theme Grenade Heart Theme

A grenade shaped like a red heart makes up this bright tattoo.

Grenade Heart Theme