23 Fun Hello Kitty Tattoos For 2013

Everyone in this world loves toys, and if they are branded, then there is nothing like it. Hello Kitty is one such toy that is famous worldwide and represents brightness, kind-heartedness, and warmth. With a flair for music and art, Hello Kitty is today a worldwide representation of charming intelligence and happy musings too. Symbolically representing a happy family, Hello Kitty designs are driven towards spreading love in the world. When you sport such positive tattoos in your body, they give you the energy to move on in life.

Whoever introduced Hello Kitty to the world had the basic intention of serving society and this is what the character has been doing all along. It has managed to dominate household items, school accessories and any gift item, thus endorsing the air of charm, elegance, and happiness in every venture. Hello kitty tattoos are just ways of expressing how you want to be a part of the joy in this world. Embalmed in your body, it is a great way to flaunt your intentions to do something for the world. Love is an emotion that hosts many feelings, and Hello Kitty is only a symbol of what you wish to do for the world. Let us see some of these fascinating representations.

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Tiny Steps Tiny Steps

Similar to this small kitty, it is the tiny steps we take in life, that make big differences.

Tiny Steps

Under The Shade of Joy Under The Shade of Joy

Hello Kitty covers you with her warmth, so bask under this shade of joy and happiness.

Under The Shade of Joy

The Rock Star The Rock Star

Enjoy all the attention you get from the world and be the rock star that you always wanted to be.

The Rock Star

Bows N Stars Bows N Stars

Enjoy being the star of the crowd and bow down to being a modest human being. You will enjoy it.

Bows N Stars

The Silent Kitty The Silent Kitty

Yes, it is better to remain silent at times, like this kitty. This would solve a lot of problems in this world of surprises.

The Silent Kitty

Cute Musings Cute Musings

Share your musings on the feet and walk away with all the accolades and adorable glances.

Cute Musings

Seated Imaginations Seated Imaginations

Imagine about a beautiful world and bring them to life, through simple expressions of love and warmth, like this peaceful kitten.

Seated Imaginations

Sketched Expectations Sketched Expectations

Sketch your thoughts and bring them to life, like how you have sketched this kitty on your body.

Sketched Expectations

Celebrations Celebrations

Celebrate every moment in your life with a touch of compassion and consideration for the world outside.


Small Statements Small Statements

Make a small statement, but make it with firmness. You are sure to wind your way through.

Small Statements

Foot Wonders Foot Wonders

It is amazing how you can work wonders with your feet, as they go in search of so many interesting pursuits.

Foot Wonders

Impressive Styles Impressive Styles

Wear it, flaunt it and take the right step towards greater destinations. Surely, this is a great way of embalming your tattoos.

Impressive Styles

The Hooded One The Hooded One

Be the masked one, and experience the pleasures of seeing the world behind a mask.

The Hooded One

Colorful Expressions Colorful Expressions

Express in the best manner possible, spread the colors of harmony, and love in the world.

Colorful Expressions

Angelic Wonder Angelic Wonder

Be the angel in every aspect of life and give it a different touch of warmth and peace.

Angelic Wonder

Inscribed Introductions Inscribed Introductions

Introduce yourself to the world, and make it a style statement. Such inscriptions normally attract a lot of attention.

Inscribed Introductions

Miniature Marvels Miniature Marvels

There are various ways to make a mark in the world. Sport this miniature marvel and be the spot of attention everywhere.

Miniature Marvels

Maternal Instincts Maternal Instincts

Go by your instincts and protect the world from violence, anger and tears. Be the mother hen, were needed and a firm hand elsewhere.

Maternal Instincts

Triple Enchantment Triple Enchantment

Be the source of enchantment and surprise to the world and let the magic flow. Surely, this will attract a lot of attention.

Triple Enchantment

Charming Hips Charming Hips

Show off your tattoos, where it shows, and share a piece of your creative intentions with the world.

Charming Hips

Cute Flowers Cute Flowers

Floral expressions, with a cute character are a great combination of soft feelings and amusement. All will surely like this.

Cute Flowers

Cross The Heart And Save A Soul Cross The Heart And Save A Soul

Face dangerous situations with a small prayer, and be ready to face the world with the baton of courage.

Cross The Heart And Save A Soul

Delightful Anklets Delightful Anklets

Tie your thoughts with these delightful anklets of hope and make your efforts be recognized by the world.

Delightful Anklets