22 Majestic Dove Tattoos For 2013

Doves symbolize peace. From earliest times, doves represent a sense of security and calm. It is always a relaxing experience to see a flight of doves going back to their homes after dusk. Enjoy the presence of doves on your body in the form of beautiful tattoos. Is it not a great way to enjoy your freedom and a perfect gift to your sense of liberty? Feel closer to your inner self when watching these doves as they invoke in you a sense of self recognition.

The best love messengers, doves are a fantastic way of endorsing your passionate side. Make way for the safest bird in town which is always the dove. We may have a lot of inhibitions about other birds, but the doves have always won over us. These beautiful representations of love spread the air of warmth and joy and so it is real pleasure to have them around. They spread the spirit of freedom and virtue and imbibe in others the art of living together in peaceful co-existence. Dove tattoos thus are a great combination of love, trust, and faith. Doves imbibe in you, the sense of being righteous, sacrificial, and brave. So just read on about these tattoos embalmed on your body.

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Shadows Of Wings Shadows Of Wings

The wings are a means to fly to freedom. Have these wings and enjoy life to the fullest.

Shadows Of Wings

The Trial The Trial

Do it up well and in style and have this tattoo, which expresses a spirited attitude with a carefree disposition.

The Trial

Tiny Ambitions Tiny Ambitions

So you are ambitious and want to remain so. Have this tattoo, which will keep you always close and near your targets.

Tiny Ambitions

Sweet Emotions Sweet Emotions

With so much to do, why not show what happens behind you? This is the only way you could bring about a revolution in emotions.

Sweet Emotions

To The Moon And Back Moon

As these birds of love fly high, we can only feel happy that we have a chance to express our freedom in a different manner.

To The Moon And Back

Swished Confessions Swished Confessions

Confess your love for liberty and adopt this tattoo on your shoulder just so that you can express your thoughts freely.

Swished Confessions

Tailed Emotions Tailed Emotions

Express your emotions and let the rest tail your thoughts. It is a great feeling to have the peaceful dove around you and live life.

Tailed Emotions

Royal Pleasures Royal Pleasures

Enjoy the feeling as long as it lasts and strut around like a king or a queen with this tattoo.

Royal Pleasures

Body Talk Body Talk

Smear it all over the body and make a style statement in its own way. This is sure to attract a lot of attention.

Body Talk

Small Steps Small Steps

Take small steps towards the ladder of life and enjoy each step as it comes.

Small Steps

Framed Impressions Framed Impressions

Or else just sit back and enjoy the overawed expressions of people around you, just because you are all in the market.

Framed Impressions

Flight To Freedom Flight To Freedom

Take this flight to freedom, and express it in style, no matter what your obstacles are.

Flight To Freedom

The Huge Step The Huge Step

Take a huge step, and guide the rest of the world. There is something about the tattoo, which makes us more confident and secure.

The Huge Step

Intricate Back Intricate Back

Make it very intricate on your back and let the world see how big a difference you can make.

Intricate Back

Remembering You Remembering You

Keep this for those who have left you and for those who mean a lot to you.

Remembering You

Firm Beliefs Firm Beliefs

Believe in yourself firmly and you would surely have a lot more to say and do.

Firm Beliefs

Three Is Not Company Three Is Not Company

Make sure you have everything you wanted and allow emotions to burst. Three is surely allow you to express after a long time.

Three Is Not Company

Words Of Love Words Of Love

This quote shows the manner in which the words of love are played.

Words Of Love

Bonds of Love Bonds of Love

The bonds of love are never so loose that they cannot be tied back. Strengthen these bonds and be truthful always.

Bonds of Love

Descended Expressions Descended Expressions

At the foot, lies the strength to carry out a relation successfully. Experience this and let this dove spread more warmth and love.

Descended Expressions

Twisted Turns Twisted Turns

With so many turns and twists in life, how best can you withstand is the question? Faith heals all and you will win through.

Twisted Turns

Small Wonder Small Wonder

It is nice to see small steps leading to bigger changes in life. What better way to start than have this on your body?

Small Wonder