22 Decorative Armband Tattoos For 2013

The rounded shape of the forearm makes a great surface for tattoos. People often get a stylish design inked on their upper arm. The design can be inked as a band around the forearm to create an elegant tattoo. Armband tattoo designs are a great way to permanently decorate the upper arm. Both monochromatic patterns, and designs with vivid colors can be used to ink armbands.

Native American themes are often the inspiration behind armband tattoos. Narrow cloth band tattoos showing hanging feathers, look brilliant on the arm. The art can be realistic enough to make the tattoo look like a proper band. Pendants with ornate designs, colorful beads, and brilliantly colored feathers, are common elements in Native American theme tattoos. Celtic motifs are also a popular inspiration for upper arm tattoos. The knotty designs made with intertwined lines, look neat on the upper arm. The Celtic knot patterns can show a simple design with curves, or get intricate with many twists and turns. Tribal design tattoos also look cool on the upper arm. The flowy lines and curves used in tribal designs, give a powerful look to an armband ink design. Check out these cool armband tattoo designs.

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Armband Pretty Beads Armband Pretty Beads

The colorful pattern of beads features a pendant with two feathers.

Armband Pretty Beads

Thorny Armband Tattoo Thorny Armband Tattoo

Delicately inked thorns intertwine in this monochromatic armband tattoo.

Thorny Armband Tattoo

Sharp Curvy Armband Tattoo Sharp Curvy Armband Tattoo

Sensuous curves play with spiky patterns, in this powerful armband tattoo.

Sharp Curvy Armband Tattoo

Armband Tribal Armband Tribal

Gracefully inked curves play with negative spaces, in this tribal design tattoo.

Armband Tribal

Three Feathers Armband Three Feathers Armband

This Native American armband tattoo features three elegant feathers.

Three Feathers Armband

Rawmeat Armband Rawmeat Armband

A long strip of raw bacon is the theme of this armband tattoo.

Rawmeat Armband

Knotty Armband Knotty Armband

The minute detailing gives a life-like look to the rope knots tattoo.

Knotty Armband

Armband Rose Theme Armband Rose Theme

A delicate branch with a pale mauve rose makes up this armband tattoo.

Armband Rose Theme

Neat Armband Tradition Neat Armband Tradition

The tribal design armband tattoo looks stylish on the muscular forearm.

Neat Armband Tradition

Red Ornamental Armband Design Red Ornamental Armband Design

Pretty red leaves with ornamental patterns, add color to the forearm.

Red Ornamental Armband Design

Blue Shades Celtic Armband Blue Shades Celtic Armband

The intricately inked Celtic knots are surrounded by blue hues.

Blue Shades Celtic Armband

Armband Curves Design Armband Curves Design

The elegant design with curves makes for a neat armband tattoo.

Armband Curves Design

Intertwined Tattoo Intertwined Tattoo

Loops twine to create intricate knots, in this Celtic inspiration tattoo.

Intertwined Tattoo

Dynamic Tattoo Dynamic Tattoo

The long flowy lines of this tribal design tattoo look dynamic.

Dynamic Tattoo

Armband People Dance Armband People Dance

Tiny stick figures with colorful heads, dance together on the upper arm.

Armband People Dance

Armband Curves Interlocking Armband Curves Interlocking

Bold curves interlock, creating a rich pattern on the upper arm.

Armband Curves Interlocking

Armband Binary Design Armband Binary Design

Three rows of binary patterns have been used to create this armband tattoo.

Armband Binary Design

Armband Powerful Tattoo Armband Powerful Tattoo

The sharp curvy patterns give a powerful look to this armband tattoo.

Armband Powerful Tattoo

Armband Brown Vines Tattoo Armband Brown Vines Tattoo

Narrow brown bands intertwine to create this elegant curvy tattoo.

Armband Brown Vines Tattoo

Cross Chain Armband Tattoo Cross Chain Armband Tattoo

The lower portion of the forearm features a chain tattoo. An elegant Cross is inked above the design.

Cross Chain Armband Tattoo

Armband Blue Tattoo Armband Blue Tattoo

The narrow armband design shows a vividly embroidered pattern with two feathers.

Armband Blue Tattoo

Armband Face Tattoo Armband Face Tattoo

A Native Armband Face Tattoo face is inked in the pendant of this armband tattoo.

Armband Face Tattoo