21 Heavenly Angel Tattoo Designs For 2013

The angel as a messenger of the heavens is a common figure across cultures. The angel brings messages from the future, or sometimes prays for guidance from the heavens. The angel also fights battles on behalf of goodness and light. The many legends connected to angels make them a popular subject for tattoos. The large wings and graceful posture of an angel create gorgeous tattoo art. The rich shading of the wings often gives a life-like look to angel tattoo designs.

People get angels inked on different parts of their body, such as the upper arm, the side of the body, or the stomach. An angel tattoo looks graceful on a large surface, such as the back. The upper back lends itself to many symmetrical angel tattoos. The wings can be inked in different positions to depict the situation of the angel. Gracefully spread out wings show an angel who is ready to fly. Sometimes, folded wings indicate an angel at rest. Many tattoos show angel warrior-s with a powerful halo of sun beams behind the head. The angel can be shown as a muscular man, or an elegant woman with long flowy hair. Angels can also be surrounded by roses and butterflies, in colorful tattoo designs.

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Profile Angel Profile Angel

The praying angel with long flowy hair is seen in profile. Sun beams surround her head.

Profile Angel

Aged Angel Tattoo Aged Angel Tattoo

An aged angel looks upward with eyes closed, in this back tattoo idea.

Aged Angel Tattoo

Flowy Design Angel With Birds Flowy Design Angel With Birds

A young angel releases pretty doves, in this gracefully flowy forearm tattoo.

Flowy Design Angel With Birds

Christian Angel Christian Angel

This Christian angel wears an elegant leafy crown with a Cross at the center.

Christian Angel

Latin Design Angel Latin Design Angel

A muscular angel is inked on the upper back with Latin text above the figure.

Latin Design Angel

Monchromatic Angel Tattoo Monchromatic Angel Tattoo

The drapery and wings are deeply shaded, in this monochromatic angel tattoo.

Monchromatic Angel Tattoo

Sacred Sad Angel Sacred Sad Angel

The beautiful angel weeps as she holds her hands to her bosom.

Sacred Sad Angel

Red Butterfly Angel Red Butterfly Angel

The red butterfly wings give a bright look to this angel tattoo.

Red Butterfly Angel

Softly Shaded Angel Tattoo Softly Shaded Angel Tattoo

The delicate shading gives a soft and sensuous look to this angel tattoo.

Softly Shaded Angel Tattoo

Wings Design Wings Design

The vertical patterns give a richly textured look to the wings, in this angel tattoo.

Wings Design

Design Wings To Fly Design Wings To Fly

This angel displays her large graceful wings. Her long unbound hair flies in the wind, and the text ‘Dad’ is inked near her hand.

Design Wings To Fly

Symmetrical Angel Design Symmetrical Angel Design

The muscular figure is inked in a symmetrical style, in this powerful angel tattoo.

Symmetrical Angel Design

Winter Coat Angel Winter Coat Angel

The praying angel wears a large coat, in this softly shaded tattoo.

Winter Coat Angel

Nature Angel Nature Angel

Surrounded by red roses, birds and butterflies, this lovely angel welcomes Nature.

Nature Angel

Rest, Angel Rest, Angel

With his wings folded downward, the angel holds onto a tall sword, in this back tattoo.

Rest, Angel

V Design Angel V Design Angel

The wings are positioned in a ‘V’, in this angel tattoo on the back.

V Design Angel

Drama Angel Drama Angel

The powerfully curvy wings add to the drama of this angel tattoo.

Drama Angel

Defeated Angel Defeated Angel

A few feathers drop off as the angel sits kneeling in despair. An elegant back tattoo.

Defeated Angel

Full Face Angel Full Face Angel

The angel stares straight at the viewer as she prays. Her wings are large and intricately textured.

Full Face Angel

Sensuous Praying Angel Sensuous Praying Angel

This beautiful angel makes an ardent prayer to the heavens. Her robe and wings are richly shaded.

Sensuous Praying Angel

My Angel My Angel

An angel wing protects the woman as she rests on the arm of the male angel.

My Angel