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Life Quote Tattoos

There Are so many tattoos designs ,various kinds of tattoo designs,like tribal,quotes flower ,dragon,buttefly,etc are so many tattoo designs are presents .Which Can be easily placed on the body at anywhere part of the body.But Except all

Mistake in Tattoos

Tattoos are made forever with a permanent ink .so if you getting inked then you have to think that it would be that it would be wise to run a spell check before getting a name or

Lil Wayne Tattoos

lil wayne Lil’ Wayne, is an American rapper. Formerly a member of the rap group the Hot Boys, he joined the Cash Money Records collective as a teenager. Lil Wayne has covered up all his body part

Akshay Kumar tattoos and meaning

Bollywood Celebrity ,Akshay Kumar ,His real name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia.Akshay  born on 9 september 1967 in Amritsar ,Punjab. His Father Hari om bhatia is a government employee,.Akshay Kumar is one of the celebrity who perform

Rakhi Sawant sexy tattoos

The Item babe Rakhi Sawant having tattoos ink on her sexy body .Rakhi Sawant having a red heart with two dolphins surrounding on her arm and a butterfly below her navel and two tattoo on her back

shawn micheals tattoos

Shawn Micheals shawn micheals is a retired professional wrestler. Shawn consistently wrestled for WWE from 1988 until his first retirement in 1998, due to injury. He apperated in non-wresting roles from 1998 to 2000, and resumed his

Piercing of Body

Body piercing is also an art of decoration,modification of body .Piercing mean that puncture made in your body by a needle.after this a jwellery of some kind ,a piece of jewelery,is inserted into the that hole or

Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are harmfull for skin or not

Today ‘s People get tattoos on their body parts for that cause they can look for something new and adventurous in their life, and they think a tattoo will bring that for them . People get tattoos