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Saif Ali Khan ‘s Tattoos

Saif Ali Khan ,.Saif Ali khan ,having a Tattoo on his left arm ,ther written His Girlfriend Become His second Wife Name “Kareena Kapoor”.On his Hand there written Kareena In wording of hindi.Kareena name written in black,

Tattoo-Meaning and History of Tattoos

The Tattoo trend is now on the hike in this world everywhere.Everybody in this world want to have a tattoo on his/her body.Now Tattoos are turning into fashion.Tattoos are becoming very popular now a days.Most peoples in

Criminal Tattoos

Every Tattoos Having a specific Meaning And for purposes .Every marked in prison having a meaning religion Drugs,gangs even the quest for Freedom.For century ,Tattoos are most famous in the gang groups and criminals .tattoos are popular

Butterfly tattoo design for girls

Girls are more delicate and softer than men. Girls too wish to have good tattoos on their body to impress all the men they tried tattood on their body with different ink styles .girls tattoo must

Lower Back Tattoo Ideas For women

Womens are Getting More and More tattoos in these days .They are Tattooioed herself at many parts of the body ,like hands ,wrist ,neck,back,hips,legs.In which Lower Back Tattoos for women are ones that very sexy and elegant.

Tribal Tattoo Designs

In this world every one want to looks different and unique , some people want to look different with their nature but some people show without saying anything with having a tattoo on them body parts that

Body Piercing In India ,Beautiful,Scared And Painful

Every year In India There are lots of body pierced for male and female.Body Piercing is a trend in male residents in the South of India they pierce their backs with hooks and mouths with poles to

38 Most Amazing Hand Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Tattoos are express their own meaning, dynamic, and their beauty.Most Tattoos are so simple but most of them are very difficult,But most of them shows different impressions.Most tattoos are looks better on their right places, as hand

70 Outstanding Foot Tattoo Designs: Latest Tattoos Collection

Tattoos are so popular due to very personal symbols and reflect important aspects of a person’s history.Tattoos used to enhance a person beauty as well .So many tattoo designs are present for each part of body with

Cool And Awesome Tattoo Designs And Ideas For Men on Hands

Here is a Collection Of Cool 25 Images of Boys having tattoos on their hands .Some of the men getting small tattoos but some of guy getting tattoos all over their bodies ,in whih tattoos on hands