15 Sweet Lily Tattoos

Lilly Tattoos come in with great design and a lot of colors. Lily is a symbol of beauty, majesty and honor. Each color of Lilly represents certain quality in a human being. The white color represents purity; Calla Lilly is for strength and beauty while the Tiger Lilly is for pride and prosperity. Each of these styles and color Lilly suit a specific personality.

Lilly tattoos that are displayed here are extremely colorful and also give in a lot of strength and confidence to the tattoo carrier. These are very colorful depicting a lot in return while it also gives internal strength. The tattoos are very elegant and bring in a wave of improvement in the outlook of the same. The Lilly tattoos are very cute and elegant to look at and can be got done on any part of the body as they are just apt for all. Having one of these engraved on the body definitely leads to a broader and impressive outlook.

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Lilly For The Leg Lilly For The Leg

Lilly For The leg To Give Great looks

Tribal Lilly Tattoo Tribal Lilly Tattoo

A Cool Tribal Lilly Tattoo

Tiger Lilly Tattoo Tiger Lilly Tattoo

A Hige Tiger Lilly

Purple Lilly tattoo Purple Lilly tattoo

A Purple Color Lilly Tattoo

Lilly With Stars Lilly With Stars

A Lovely lilly Tattoo With Stars

Lilly Petal Flower Lilly Petal Flower

A Lilly Tattoo For The Foot

Lower Back Lilly Lower Back lilly

A Lilly For The Lower Back

Cute Color Lilly Tattoo Cute Color Lilly Tattoo

A Lilly Tattoo With A Cute Color

Crazy Lilly Tattoo Crazy Lilly Tattoo

A Funky Lilly Tattoo

Delicate Lilly Tattoo Delicate Lilly Tattoo

A Very Delicate Lilly Tattoo

Cody Lilly Tattoo Cody Lilly Tattoo

A Lilly Tattoo For The Hand

Lilly Memorial Tattoo Lilly Memorial Tattoo

A Memory Of Loved One

Water Lilly Tattoo Water Lilly Tattoo

A Water Lilly

Lilly For Foot Lilly For Foot

A Lilly Tattoo For The Side

Color Lilly Tattoo Color Lilly Tattoo

A Colorful Lilly Tattoo