10 Virgo Tattoos

Virgo Tattoos are one of the most popular zodiac symbols tattooed. While Virgo is said to have been ruled by Mercury while Venus is in the fall sign, Virgo is an earth associated sign with attention to detail and precision. Negative sides under the Virgo meaning can also play a part in the bigger picture of things, Virgo is said to be intense, to be virtuous and have such a strong meaning. If you are getting a Virgo sign tattooed because that’s your zodiac sign, make sure you read into what else Virgo stands for. The meaning is endless and there is so much that can be portrayed with this great design. There are many negatives and positives associated with this design but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your tattoo is associated with those meanings. Placement isn’t as important with a Virgo tattoo either, depending on the type, whether you’re getting the simple Virgo zodiac sign or a full on Virgo scene, you’ll want to make sure the section of your body that you select has enough room to clearly and nicely display it. You don’t want a huge tattoo in a small area or a small tattoo in a large open space with nothing around it.

The most common positive attributes to the Virgo design is that it mostly is related to intellectual, alert, gentle, good student, graceful, perfectionist, clever or dignified. If you can relate to any of those then a Virgo tattoo would be a hit with you and what you stand for and how you carry yourself. If you’re looking for more of an emotion than a meaning, the negatives of Virgo would be: backstabbing, bookish, anxious, nervous but then the characteristics would play into that also. If you’re looking for a whole scene to display your tattoo you’ll want to take all of these into consideration!

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Virgo Symbol Foot Tattoo virgo-tattoos-1

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Virgo Lettering Tattoo Designs for Women virgo-tattoos-4

Graffiti Virgo Tattoo for Men virgo-tattoos-5

Virgo Symbol with Star Tattoo for Ankle virgo-tattoos-6

Virgo Symbolic Arm Tattoo Ideas virgo-tattoos-7

Virgo Moon Tattoo Designs virgo-tattoos-8

Virgo Fairy Half Sleeve Tattoo for Ladies virgo-tattoos-9

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