10 Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

Hawaiian flower tattoo design category has wide variety of creative designs to get inked with. It includes floral patterns, animal based designs, sea turtles, dolphins, lizards, sharks, birds, abstract tribal and some traditional Gods of the island. Hawaii is blessed with virgin beaches and flowers but it’s also enriched with the ritual of tattooing. In Hawaii tattoo is not borne only for fashion however most of the tattoos have special significance like mourning for a lost loved one, Personal identification for representing the community, protection from evil spirits. It also distinguishes the status of slaves and ordinary tribesmen. Kakau is a well known kind of tribal tattoo art. Tribal tattoos are generally black in colour.

Floral tattoo of hibiscus and orchid symbolise rare beauty. It looks graceful and gorgeous with natural colours when inked into the skin. As yellow hibiscus is the state flower of state, hence its design is used as an accessory on arm or wrist. The vibrant shades of yellow, orange, red and blue are used to colour the petals to make it look brighter. Green shades are used to enlighten the leaves. Sharks, Knives are considered as the saviour tattoo. Since Hawaiian tattoos are timeless, they can be imprinted on almost all over the body, however the placement can be chosen as per the design. For males it can be placed on legs, arms, torso and for females is it on hands, wrist & tongue. Varied shapes are used to fill in animal’s picture like turtles which symbolise fertility and long life, shark to give a graphical look. Hawaiian tribal designs are original, vibrant and unconventional.

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Gumamela Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Design For Women hawaiian-flower-tattoos-1

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Design on Tummy for Women hawaiian-flower-tattoos-2

Purple Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Design hawaiian-flower-tattoos-3

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Hawaiian Flower with Butterfly Tattoo on Back Design hawaiian-flower-tattoos-5

Beautiful Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Foot Design hawaiian-flower-tattoos-6

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Rib Ideas hawaiian-flower-tattoos-7

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Thigh Idea hawaiian-flower-tattoos-8

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Design on Leg hawaiian-flower-tattoos-9

Hawaiian Flower with Skull Tattoo on Arm for Men Design hawaiian-flower-tattoos-10